Toddler danger zones (II)

Kitchen: plastic wrap and tin foil
Hazard: Wraps and foils — Toddlers can cut their fingers on sharp, serrated edges of foil, plastic wrap, or other packaging items.
Solution: Keep boxes of plastic wrap and tin foil in a locked drawer.
Home Office: Sharp Office Supplies
Hazard: Office supplies — Sharp office supplies like scissors or letter openers can slice little fingers.
Solution: Keep sharp objects out of reach, but don’t place them so high that you might drop them when you reach for them, advises Monica Clanin, president of Childproofing Services Diversified, in Virginia Beach.

Home office: Power strips
Hazard: Power strips — If a toddler pulls on cords, power strips, or plays with outlets they can be electrocuted.
Solution: Cover up power strips and other electrical objects — not only to prevent electrocution but also to keep your tot from unplugging the computer while you’re working.

Home office: Furniture
Hazard: Furniture — chairs and desks with sharp edges can impale toddlers.
Solution: Buy furniture with rounded edges and corners, or cover any sharp areas with adhesive cushions. Clanin suggests also cushioning the legs and base of a swivel chair with a foam swimming noodle cut to fit.

Home office: Keyboard tray
Hazard: Keyboard tray — gliding keyboard trays can pinch a child’s fingers.
Solution: Avoid using a desk with a keyboard tray that slides. If you do use one, find a tray that locks in place.

Home Office: Blind spot
Hazard: Your blind spot — Children can slip out of sight and into danger in an office when you’re intently working.
Solution: Install a mirror on the wall above your computer monitor so you can see your child playing in the area behind you.

General: Waste baskets
Hazard: Waste baskets — The trash is full of bacteria and harmful objects that toddlers can get into if in reach.
Solution: Hide waste baskets under the sink or in a locked cabinet. If this isn’t an option, buy a container with a secure lid.

General: purses
Hazard: Purses and bags — visitors may carry risky medications or toiletries dangerous to your little one in purses.
Solution: Place bags out of reach — on a shelf, coat rack, or in a closet — not only to keep children safe but also to keep guests’ personal items unharmed.

General: Vacant rooms
Hazard: Rooms — Children may sneak away to rooms out of your sight and end up in danger.
Solution: Install hook-and-eye latches or child proof knob covers on doors to your basement, garage, laundry room, exercise room, attic, and bathrooms.

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