Tolula Adeyemi: A true living gem in entertainment industry

The entertainment and fashion world is filled with so many talented beings from across different sectors and industries but among these are a few whose success story stands out from others, their success can be attributed to their relentless drive and their quest to do the unusual in their industries and their immaculate visions.

Among the many names that have saturated the
Hollywood Space, British-Nigerian Model London and LA -based actress and Vivienne Westwood muse Tolula Adeyemi is one name that is gradually turning to a household name.

She officially kicked off her career as a professional actress when she turned twenty-one, a lover of poetry and the arts, Tolula’s vibrant and dynamic personality is showcased through her many projects – including setting up and running her own theatre company between 2007-2009 called Le TAtre, devising, writing and installing pop-up shows around London.

Tolula’s career gained much attention when she Landed a role opposite Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson in her first feature film, a role as jazz singer Monique in Last Chance Harvey (2008) it was a sure sign to herself and her family that she is capable of pursuing a great career in film and theater and take the opportunity to explore further opportunities.

During this time, Tolula was able to explore her musical talents when she made a guest appearance as bass guitarist for Kylie Minogue in her music video for 2 Hearts in 2007, after Kylie’s comeback album of the same name, since she beat cancer. Kylie announced a fabulous promotional tour for 6 months which she invited Tolula to be a part of.

Kylie opened the Nobel Peace Prize concert in Oslo, Norway hosted by Uma Thurman and Al Gore, with Tolula on bass guitar. Concerts in Paris for France’s NRG, they – Kylie Minogue and her glam rock female band members including Tolula – performed on stage in Tokyo, Germany’s legendary Wetten Das talk show, London, Vienna, Netherlands and many other famous stages and TV shows. This was one of the many experiences that helped seal Tolula as a great talent.

Tolula Adeyemi was born in London, England to Doctor and Medical professor Edward Adeyemi and Doctor and Pharmacist Margaret Remi Adeyemi, with family as her primary source of inspiration, she made her stage debut in a musical version of Shakespeare As You Like It and in Shakeseare’s The Tempest, which steamed up her passion for Shakespeare and theater in general, she was age 11 at that time.

Tragically Tolula’s father passed away when she was 19 she was in the midst of studying theater and drama.

The actress has made appearances in notable and glamorous events, her fascinating style has made her a favourite on the red carpet and fashion columns.

She often describes her style as ‘a mixture of masculine and feminine shapes, lines and structures` and regards actresses and icons such as; Josephine Baker, Tolula’s mother, Jean Seberg, Edie Sedgwick, and Photographer Lee Miller as the inspiration behind her styles and looks.

Tolula went on to Study Contemporary Art at Chelsea College of Art London she has proven to be an ambitious fellow not only as an actress and artist – but she is a huge supporter of human rights,especially for women and children. She supports many charities such as The Kids’ Company and charities that help preserve the environment.

In addition, Tolula Adeyemi has been brand ambassador for many brands and is featured in top tier fashion magazines. Tolula is working on a number of films in development.

Tolula’s goal is to Continue to grow, be challenged and have the chance to work with directors Such as Ava DuVernay, Regina King, Andrea Arnold, Barry Jenkins, to name a few.