Total domestic transactions at NSE rises by 71.12% in September

The recent report released by the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) on domestic and foreign Portfolio  participation in equities trading showed that total equities market transactions increased in the month of September compared to the transactions recorded in the month of August 2020.

The domestic institutional investors lifted local equities market performance despite foreign portfolio investors’ exit . The ratio of total domestic transactions to total foreign transactions tilted to 70:30 in September 2020, from 59:41 in August 2020, given the 71.12 per cent increase in total domestic transactions as compared with the marginal 2.74 per cent rise in total foreign portfolio transactions. 

Specifically, total transactions on the nation’s NSE increased to N134.97 billion in September from N94.45 billion printed in the preceding months, of which total domestic transactions increased to N94.92 billion from N55.47

billion while FPI transactions rose to N40.05 billion from N38.98 billion. 

A Breakdown of the FPI transactions in

the month of September 2020 indicated that foreign portflio outflows increased by 22.19 per cent to N26.05 billion while the foreign 

portfolio inflows dropped by 20.72 per cent to N14.00 billion. 

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