Total equity transactions rises by 32.13% in September – NGX

The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NGX) recent report on domestic and foreign Portfolio participation in equities trading showed that total equities transactions increased significantly by 32.13 per cent in the  month of September.

The report showed that total equities traded rose to  to N118.15 billion ( $285.81million) against N89.42billion ($217.53million) in August. The jump in total transaction value was chiefly driven by domestic institutional as they moved to participate in the interim dividends declared by some companies, especially the Tier-1 Bank which declared half-year dividends.

The performance of the current

month when compared to the performance in September 2020 which stood at  N134.97billion revealed that total

transactions decreased by 12.46 per cent. In September 2021. The total value of transactions executed by

Domestic Investors out performed transactions executed by Foreign Investors by circa 58 per cent.

A further analysis of the total transactions executed between the current and previous month indicated  that total domestic transactions increased by 46.43 per cent  from N64.06 billion in August to

N93.80 billion in September 2021.

However, total foreign transactions decreased by 3.98 per cent from N25.36billion ($61.69million) to N24.35 billion ($58.91million) between August 2021 and

September 2021.

The transactions also revealed  that Institutional Investors outperformed Retail Investors by 32 per cent. A comparison of

domestic transactions in the current and prior month showed that retail transactions

decreased by 0.41 per cent  from N31.89billion in August 2021 to N31.76billion in September 2021.

However, the institutional composition of the domestic market increased by 92.85 per cent  from N32.17billion in August

2021 to N62.04 billion in September 2021.