Traffic gridlock as a daily challenge

Nigeria as my center of discourse showed the true definition of traffic jam popularly known as “go slow”. Places like Lagos, is a typical example of go slow or rather “stand still”. Even a 3-year-old child knows about the natural phenomenon happening in Lagos state. After an interview with a resident in Lagos it was confirmed that go slow can be planned and not planned because when you wake up and dress for work checking the time you can determine when you will reach your destination on time. It is expected to leave by 5am at least but when you leave by 8am, you actually prepared for stand still. Coming to Port Harcourt express way in Rivers state, it’s also heavy there especially people who are traveling get chocked with the jam.

In Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory, which is seen as a traffic-free state is now carrying a different definition today. Although, the traffic is not as much as that of Lagos but it is moving towards that. Places like Kubwa express way which leads to the city centre encounter a lot of traffic jam every day. The question is, what are the causes of traffic jam in these places?

The principal cause is the high volume of vehicles on the road. For instance, in Lagos, a man can own up to seven to eight cars all on the road for business purposes which makes the road congested.  Also, the traffic warders sometimes come late to work by then, there is a lot of hold up because everyone wants to move and get to their destination on time.

There is also the issue of traffic light. This is an instrument constructed to give orders to the motorists. Unfortunately, most of them don’t function well. Its scanning ability is done in wrong directions.

There is a wise saying that whatever has a problem must have a solution. Therefore, the solution is the installation of good traffic light regulator. It should provide good directions to the motorists. The traffic warders should be on their duty post very early to avoid jam. The roadside sellers should be encouraged to keep off all the parts of the road meant for vehicles.

With all these, we will experience less traffic jam on our roads.

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