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Beards are very trendy these days and have made a huge comeback as a fashion trend in the last five years.
What would have been previously considered as a sign of somebody having given up on basic grooming, has actually managed to be- come pretty cool! There is even scien- tific studies to show that some women a r e more attracted to guys with facial hair! But with so many different beard styles out there, it is important to select the best beard styles to match your own personal style and face type.
Some people even think a man who has a beard is much cooler, has an air of maturity, and also appears quite intelligent.
Ask yourself, would not you prefer to get advice from a guy with a beard as compared to a clean shaven one? Silly question, of course you would!! Jesting aside, it does not look like the beard trend is going anywhere anytime soon.
If you have got the ability to grow a lot of facial hair, why not explore some different beard styles? Another reason why we adore a man with a beard is due to the fact that he has a great skin.
When a guy does not shave, his skin is usually free from blemishes, as most facial spots are triggered by the razor irritating the skin.
Beards also protect the face from the harsh world, and helps to keep his natural moisture intact.
Furthermore, facial hair is known to resist as much as 95% of the UV rays of the sun from damaging the skin.
Sounds pretty good all round! * Balbo The Balbo is amongst the most well-known beard styles for men at present.
Hollywood superstar Robert Downey, Jr has rocked the Balbo look for many years, since it suits his features quite well.
You’re required to grow a full beard first, so you have sufficient hair to shape this beard style.
Don’t shave for at least 4 weeks until the beard has fully developed.
You also need to grow a mustache.
It needs meticulous sculpting so you require a good razor to get the look just right.
You may also use an electric or a disposable razor for taking off the side hair, plus a straight razor for shap- ing the Balbo beard style properly.
* Bandholz The Bandholz beard style came to prominence on the face of Eric Bandholz, who is the founder of Beardbrand.
He was deeply involved with his business until he fell in love with his beards.
It requires patience to grow a Bandholz, but it is one of the cool- est full beard styles around at the moment.
When you start out, you will appear quite patchy and unkempt, particularly during the initial 4 months.
You must have the required patience, and just let it grow! Get rid of your razor as well as scissors; you will not be needing them for months! Simply allow it to grow until it reaches the maximum length as is possible to grow genetically.
After seven months, you may start to shape and cut it, or you might even keep it as it is, as per your personal preferences.
*Circle beard Also referred to the “standard” beard, this circle beard is actually a combo of a mustache and a round goatee beard style, and is also one of the most common short beard styles.
It appears tidy therefore making it a fantastic option for guys who would prefer to appear presentable without getting rid of their beard.
To grow one of these, grow a sensible amount of hair and avoid shaving or over trimming.
You might have to get a barber to make the perfect circle shape, as it can be tricky, but any good barber will have no problem doing this.
Once you have been able to get the proper look, you can perform the maintenance trimming yourself.
*Full beard The manliest amongst all of the present beard styles, the full beard is definitely something you should not miss this 2018! A well-groomed fully grown beard is much more attractive since it actually emphasizes your features much better.
It will match the diamond or triangle shaped faces, and is one of the coolest facial hair styles at the moment.
The full beard will depend a lot on your ancestry.
If you grow a beard all over your face, then it is very easy to achieve it.
You simply allow the hair to develop a medium stubble, and then shape it carefully by using a razor.
Stop shaving for 6 weeks in order to achieve the look.
You can trim it after this period to maintain the look.
* Garibaldi Don’t you have sufficient time to keep a beard appearing kept? The Garibaldi, in that case, is ideal for you! It is somewhat shorter when compared to the Bandholz, therefore, trimming it occasionally is required.
To grow the beard you simply stop shaving for several months, about 4 months should do i

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