Tribunal: Buhari’s victory for Nigerians, APC – Anyanwu

Tribunal: Buhari’s victory for Nigerians, APC – Anyanwu

A member of the National Executive Committee of the All Progressives Congress, Chief Nduka Anyanwu has described the decision of the 5-man panel of Justices of the Presidential Election Tribunal to uphold the election of President Muhammadu Buhari as victory for Nigerians and APC.

Anyanwu said this while congratulating the President on his victory.

He noted that over the last 4 years, the Buhari led government has steered Nigeria away from the uninspiring trend which characterized governance during the reign of the People’s Democratic Party.

Anyanwu described Buhari’s victory at the Tribunal as an opportunity for Nigerians to experience more years of purposeful leadership.

“President Buhari has by his disposition shown to be what Nigeria needs at this time. Having been saddled with the uphill task of riviving a country left to bleed to death by the PDP, Buhari has through many of his actions restored sanity in governance.

“Today, we have a country where building and rebuilding of infrastructure have taken the centre stage. Gradually we are returning to the era where the abundant wealth of Nigeria is being utilized purposefully”, he said.

Chief Anyanwu, however noted that the victory means more work for the APC and the government, as Nigerians are in high hopes that this victory which is a true reflection of the wishes of the people will enhance the pace of the delivery of the dividends of democracy in the country.

“The APC must through the strength that this judicial victory has afforded it, reinvigorate itself for future elections in order to consolidate on the gains the party has recorded so far”, he said.

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