Tribunal dismisses PDP petition against Sokoto assembly leader

The National and States Assemblies Election Petition Tribunal, sitting in Sokoto, Thursday dismissed the petition of Alhaji Dayyabu Kalmalo challenging the election of Alhaji Bello Ambarura.

Kalmalo of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) contested 2019 election for Illela constituency in the state assembly and was defeated by Ambarura of the All Progressive Congress (APC), who is the current majority leader of the assembly.

In his Judgment, the tribunal chairman, Justice Yusuf Ubale, dismissed the petition for want of merit and award no cost to parties.

Ubale said that the petitioners have failed to prove their case beyond reasonable doubt as required by law adding that the led witnesses who presented hearsay evidences.

Reacting to the judgment, Ambarura attributed his victory to the divine will of the Almighty Allah, while lauding his constituents for reposing an undying confidence in him.

“I am indeed very elated and grateful to the Almighty Allah for this resounding victory, again. Illela is a home of APC and it will remain so, in sha Allahu.

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