Tricycles: Kano MP commends operators for maturity

The governorship candidate of the Action Democratic Party (ADP) and member of the House of Representatives for Kano Municipal constituency, Hon Sha’aban Ibrahim Sharada, has hailed the people of Kano for responding maturely to the ban on tricycle movement on some major roads, which was eventually lifted.

The Gubernatorial Campaign Council’s spokesperson, Abbas Yushau Yusuf on Sunday, stated in a statement responding to the reversal of the restrictions by the state government in less than 24 hours after the enforcement.

Sharada said the people have shown the state government through democratic means that they were not ready for its hasty, unprepared, and dictatorial policies, which were aimed at harming the economic well-being of the Kano populace.

He said the situation had shown Nigerians and the international community that Kano people were ready for change during the forthcoming governorship election on March 11, 2023, in which the Action Democratic Party is the party to beat.

He said the people of Kano, especially, commuters who were adversely affected by the tricycle ban, have heard the ADP Gubernatorial Campaign Council’s sympathy for the hardship inflicted by the untimely policy and commended them for resisting it in a civilized manner.

“Our call and condemnation for the untimely policy and for a level playing field for every Kano citizen has forced the government, the deputy who is the gubernatorial candidate of the APC, into a dramatic reaction and in a tone that suggests playing with the intelligence of the people through persuasive drama and radio announcements for the reversal of the unprepared policy,” he said.

The candidate challenged the Kano deputy governor and asked, “Who is the APC gubernatorial candidate to tell the people who is wrong between him and his boss? Where did they get it wrong when, in the first place, the restriction was announced without proper planning and consultations,” he stated.

He also asked the two Kano helmsmen to tell the teeming Kano populace why the decision was taken without consultation despite knowing the hardship people would plunge into.

“As we promised, we have the best transportation blueprint for Kano, with which every body will be carried along when we come to power, including the tricycle operators,” said Sha’aban.

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