Troops crush several terrorist in Yobe, Borno

of 152 Battalion have crushed several Boko haram terrorists during a fierce battle in Bula, Yobe state, and Banki in Borno state.

The battle ensued at about 7pm on Monday when the terrorists attempted to infiltrate the ’ locations in both , according to a statement on Wednesday by Col. Ado Isa, Spokesperson of Theater Command Operation Lafiya Dole.

He said: ” the terrorists in their futile attempt came in with several Gun Trucks mounted with Anti Aircraft Guns and Motorcycles, and the troops engaged the with superior fire power and inflicted heavy casualty on them  and their equipment. 

“The fierce gun battle set confusion and disorganisation in the terrorists camp, thereby making them to withdrew in disarray, while the troops gave them a hot pursuit. In that process, unconfirmed number of terrorists were neutralised while several others fled with gunshot wounds.

“A Gun Truck mounted with Anti Aircraft Gun and several Motorcycles belonging to the terrorists were destroyed while one Gun truck mounted with Anti Aircraft Gun and Mortar Carrier were captured from the terrorists.”

Impressed by the efforts of the troops, Isa said that the Theater Commander Operation Lafiya Dole, Maj. General Benson Akinroluyo had congratulated the troops for the success, and conveyed the special commendation of the Chief of Army Staff.

“He urged them to maintain the aggressive posture and sustain the offensive,” Isa said.

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