Ughegbe out to destroy our school – Premiere academy

…school attempted to bribe me – Ughegbe

A director of Premiere Academy Abuja,  Mr Kayode Akintunde, has lauded the  National Human Rights Commission(NHRC) for  investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of Karen Happuch, describing it as a welcome development.

He said: “The decision of the “NHRC” to take over the investigation of Karen Happuch rape issue is a welcome development because it is becoming clearer that the leader of the center for gender based violence respondents, Mr Lemmy Ughegbe, is more interested in destroying the Premiere Academy than what he is professing.

“We are mourning the death of one of our students, looking for ways to unravel the circumstances that led to her death so that the culprit can be exposed and punished, but Mr Ughegbe just came in, castigating the school authority, the police, the DSS, he even said armed thugs came to his house threatening his life and that of his family.”

As parents, Akintunde said, “nobody is happy about the sad incident,  but when I now heard that Mr Ughegbe also has a school in our neighborhood here in Lugbe, then I wondered that this man should understand how the management would feel when something like this happens. Or  does he want to destroy the school so that his own school can grow? Must you destroy others to grow?”

He  said  Ughegbe “labelled the school as den of rapists and that the school authority are shielding the perpetrators” but how can one establish a high profile school like this and indulge in such immorality?.

“Our mission here is to nurture dependable future leaders. Since  the past 15 years, Premiere Academy has produced great people who are excelling in their various field of endeavours, Mr Ughegbe should fear God, this blackmail is more than enough.”

Akintunde urged  Ughegbe “to provide the NHRC with whatever evidence in his possession. He  should stop hopping from one television station to another in his new celebrity status and the financial gratifications that may follow and let the law take its course and the culprit exposed and punished.”

But Ughegbe dismissed the claims, saying the school offered him a bribe but he declined.  

But in an exclusive interview with Blueprint, the licensed CSO advocate debunked the insinuation, insisting  it is his duty to be interested in children-related issues.

Mr Ughegbe, founder of a coalition called Men Against Rape Foundation and Making a Difference Initiatives gave his own side of the story while the interview lasted.

He said the school management attempted to bribe him through one Mr Wale Daudu in order to sweep the case under the carpet, adding that he declined the offer, insisting that the poor girl must get justice.

“Wale was mandated to ask him to name my prize to stop the proposed rally aimed at calling for justice for the victim,” Ughegbe said.

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