Ukandu warns APC against relying on federal might in Abia

A chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Abia state chapter, Alhaji Suleiman Ukandu, has warned the opposition All Progressives Congress (APC) against an alleged plot to use federal might to hijack the forthcoming 2019 general elections.
It would be recalled that some leaders of the APC in the state led by the state chairman, Donatus Nwankpa, had boasted that the party would take over the state in 2019 with the federal backing.
But yesterday, the PDP stalwart warned the party against relying on federal might to manipulate the 2019 election.
He said, APC had failed in all facets of governances in the country and vowed that his party,PDP, will resist the plan by the governing party to murder the nation’s electoral process.
The former Local government Council boss, boasted that there are no strong oppositions that can unseat the Peoples Democratic Partyled government in the state, adding that PDP will be returned to power in 2019, based on its landmark achievements since the inception of this Democratic dispensation.
According to the transition committee chairman of Umuahia North LGA, “There is no federal might.
Abia is a PDP state.
And every Abian knows that PDP has performed credibly well.
“So federal might or no federal might, it has no meaning in Abia, because the entire political dynamics of Abia state favours the PDP.
”There is no other political party that has any good intention.
Who are the oppositions? Are they not the people formally in PDP who have one selfish reason to leave the party or the other.
“If somebody jumped from PPA to APC, do you take that person as an opposition.
That person is not an opposition, is a political junketeer.
We don’t believe there are oppositions.
We call them political Junketeers.
“The person they are relying on, how has he fared? The whole world is against Buhari government.
The whole world is crying.
Nigerians are crying.
Everywhere is in turmoil.
The person they are relying on, has already decimated Nigeria to nothing.
“So, no Abian will allow that.
We will resist it.
Because it is clear to everybody that Buhari-led government has failed”.

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