Umahi inaugurates committee on minimum wage

David Umahi of Ebonyi state Wednesday inaugurated a 20-man joint committee on the new national minimum wage.

The while inaugurating the committee at the executive council chambers, House, Abakaliki said the state was likely to be the first in the to inaugurate such a committee.

He charged them to put more effort on how to raise the internally generated profile of the state to enable the state cope with the new wage.

Umahi however, reiterated that the state would definitely the fees payable, especially in the state owned tertiary institutions.

He encouraged the in the state to take seriously the opportunities created for them by his to improve their earnings rather than total dependence on their grossly insufficient salaries.

Umahi said: “We are probably the first in the to inaugurate the joint committee on the new national minimum wage.

“As we inaugurate you, you need also to let know how to improve our .

“We would definitely tamper with the fees payable in the State University and other institutions.

“The civil servants are just a smallest percentage of the people committed into my hands and so you have to bear that in mind.

“If we must join states like , Rivers to pay the minim wage, we will definitely import the internal heads obtainable in those States to ensure we pay.

should think more of harnessing the opportunities provided by this to uplift their incomes…

“Governors are expected to do magic but I have pushed the magic back to you.”

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