Umahi to civil servants: Don’t expect one kobo salary increment

Governor David Umahi of Ebonyi state has said he would not increase salaries of civil servants again.

Umahi disclosed this during the end of a 7-day prayer and fasting for the security and wellbeing of the state and Nigeria at large.

Gov Umahi stated that he would rather use the money to rehabilitate the youths living in the bush who have taken up arms to terrorize the state.

He said:”This situation calls for repentance from everyone, it is not the problem of the present administration or the past, from day one there was no foundation laid for the unborn children, somebody who went to the University, somebody who has something doing will not take up arms, not to stay in the bush. We will not allow  our boarders, how can a nation Nigeria be saying that our boarders are porous, how can we allow foreign invaders with AK47 to be coming in. Where is the sovereignty of Nigeria, this thing must stop.

“You see leaders they will be defending IPOB, you see leaders they will be defending Boko haram,  they will be defending  bandits in the North, what a country and nobody is calling them to other. Wether it is IPOB or anybody my state is a sovereign state, don’t  tell me how to governor it, go ask our people, we know our problems, we know the operation in the past, we know the slavery in the past.

“We have to rise up, nobody will love us more than ourselves, what are you given to this our children  you brain washed and keep them in the bush and gave charms and are being killed because they attack police stations, what are you doing for them, what are you doing for their families.

“If you are any agitator and you are not willing to accept the offer to let us know what you intend to do, submit it to the bank, bank will access it, or we will not give you money. We are starting quiz competition, we are starting school sports and we are starting the football team, the Queen’s and the kings.

“I will be pleading with father Nwali to take census of our boys in Onitsha, Aba, Abuja, Portharcut, Owerri, in the North, I am ready to stop everything  I am doing to brief this people so that they will know the truth, compile there names let us know what they want to do, let them come down and engage us in discussions we will give them the money to go back and start  live.

“When we have done all these things we will be ready to decisively deal with anybody that firments trouble in this state beecause I would have discharged my conscience, if you are carrying arms, you are killing, you are armrubring because  you were deprived, I’m ready to stop everything to get you something doing with your hands.

“I’m going  to do more consultations very dangerous  one, the NLC and TUC they wrote me, they want more employments, they want me to increase  the salaries and I have called them to come for a meeting but one thing they should bear in mind is that I will not increase  1 Kobo salary, because  this money that is coming is limited  and is for everybody. Instead  of me to increase  the salaries I want to use it to give to those people in the bush that will not let you any freedom. The little you are getting get it and let it reach to everybody.”

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