UNC deploys personnel for New Year celebration

By Lubem Gena

United Nigerian Chaplaincy (UNC) has deployed its officers and men across the states of the federation to ensure hitch-free 2017 New Year celebration.
This was made known to newsmen in Abuja by the Commandant General (CG) of the organisation, Prof Jidejisos Ejie.
Ejie while speaking on the activities of his organisation during this year’s festive season also emphasised the need to promote hitch-free new year celebration in the country, adding that he real has d his personnel to carry out such activities eyeing the just celebrated Christmas.

“I ordered each of my commandants across the states of the federation to ensure that his personnel are posted to all nooks and crannies in the state under his control for the purpose of ensuring hitch-free Christmas celebrations and later did same for that of 2017 new year celebration.
“The reason behind what we did was because the major aims with objectives of our organisation is to maintain peace and orderliness where there is none in Nigeria,” he stated.

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