Uncertainty as Ebonyi turns isolation centre to tricycle painting office

The isolation centre meant for treatment of would-be coronavirus patients is known used for painting of tricycles, otherwise known as keke.
The center is located at Unity square, along Amagu street, in the capital city of Ebonyi state.
When Blueprint correspondent visited the centre, she observed that the isolation centre was behind the square with office and rooms well-constructed under the stairs while those painting tricycles inside the mini stadia, close to the gate.
Hospital equipment like beds and other medical personnel were seen by the gate monitoring and checking temperature of people coming inside the premises. And more works were going on at the centre.
Speaking to some of the tricycle operators who hid their identities, they confirmed that the directive to use same isolation centre was from the David Umahi-led government.

They said, “We are repainting our tricycles based on the state government directives. We are told to repaint it to blue and white. We were asked to come to the Unity square for that purpose.
“Government are the ones repainting for us. So automatically, they contracted the painter who is doing it. I don’t know how much they charge. I’m only helping somebody out. 

Another operator said, “We are not allowed to go to another painter’s shop to repaint the colour. That is why they asked us to go to Unity square and patronise their painter and we pay N5500 to the person in charge and he is from government house.
“We don’t have any fear repainting our tricycle here where government is building their isolation centre since there is no confirmed case in Ebonyi state.”

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