University don harps on art material retention

Professor Effiong Johnson of the Department of Arts, University of Uyo, Akwa Ibom State has said that Theatre Arts is a discipline that promotes effective brain orientation to material retention or memory preservation.

He stated that in theatre productions, the lines of a script, which may last for hours, are usually committed to memory and reinvented in manners that is akin to the actor’s words.
He explained that when the lines are rehearsed, the materials are pushed to the sticky parts of memory for long term retention and recollection.

Johnson said this on  during the 37th inaugural lecture of the University of Uyo on the topic, “Of theatre arts’ effervescence… (and infamy) dismantling the grotesque from the aesthetic.”
He said that when the brain is exercised in the manner, elastic capacity is enforced, which allows the owner accessibility to other applications.

He said, “Throughout the period of rehearsal, stuffs are ‘pushed’ to the sticky parts of memory. No matter the volume of the play, a three hour production or more, all have to be retained and played out with acceptable directorial embellishment: gestures, facial expressions, moods, movements, actions and reactions from co-players.

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