Unreasonable tax policy killing our farm produce markets – Biem

Benue Governorship candidate of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), Mr Hingah Biem. has expressed worry over the steep decline in sales by farmers due to unreasonable tax policy that scare away buyers from the markets.

Biem who was speaking on Tuesday in Makurdi, during the inauguration of Biem/Akor Governorship Campaign Organisation said SDP in the state was disturbed when the sacred duty of revenue collection was handed over to party thugs who only remit whatever they like into government coffers.

He said somewhere else in the country, giant strides were made by less-endowed states in infrastructural development, adding “we feel thoroughly embarrassed at our sorry situation here in Benue.”

He said the his party the SDP would put an end to the situation, noting that it was what drove him into contesting for Governorship of the state.

Hingah said his campaign for governorship was motivated by the burning desire to change the Benue story for good.

“Indeed, we are scandalized when we see our hardworking civil servants suffer the indignity of going for many months without pay. We are pained when we see the ravages of hunger and disease in many Benue homes due to the poor resource management record of the present administration.

“We are appalled at the situation where our senior citizens have
turned beggars and are suffering avoidable deaths because the monies meant for their pension and gratuity have been diverted.

“Our hearts ache when we see our young people resorting to crime and drug abuse because their energies and talents have not been properlychanneled. But if given the mandate we will salvage the state and return things to normal,” he noted.

He appealed to the campaign organisation to base their campaign on issues and not character assassination as done by other political parties.

”Today we ordain and send out our disciples to all corners of the
state with a charge to preach our message of liberation to our
long-suffering people.

”The men and women selected to superintend the directorates of our campaign are people of integrity, who are passionate about the progress of our statesmen and women,” he added.

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