Unveiling Nigeria’s youngest sex therapist, Enderline Ndubuisi

Since leaving the university with a degree in microbiology, Nigeria’s budding sex therapist, Ndubuisi Enderline Ngozi has one undying passion and that is to resolve sexual issues among lovers and married couples. Having been born and grown in the northern city of Kano, and knowing the efficacy of the aphrodisiac herb known as Kayanmata gave her the weapon she needed to pursue her dream. And since launching out some months ago the horizon looks clearer to the 20 year-old.

Of course many sex therapists employ the use of the northern herb, Kayanmata to treat sexual issues but Enderline Ndubuisi has gone a step further into researching and learning more about the herb. She also produces other aphrodisiacs, using her training as a sexologist to distinguish herself populated by charlatans.

“As a microbiologist, I undertake extensive investigation into food, drinks, oils and natural herbs/spices that stimulate sexual desire and enhance the appearance of the body with special reference to sex organs in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions (Products & Therapies). I remember our slogan in school for my department applied microbiology ‘was researching towards a better living’,” she stated in a recent interview.

Continuing she added, ““It’s a gift in my mother’s family, she provided counseling services and aphrodisiacs to her clients. Based on this, she had a lot of contacts with associates from Northern Nigeria, natives of the United Arab Emirates, Cameroon and Brazil. Growing up, I watched a lot of homes break and as I got older I discovered that more than half of the issues that caused the divorces were sex related and people were very embarrassed to discuss it. I decided to start filling this gap and I’m proud to say that since 2017, I’ve saved the sex lives and marriages of people who have approached me.”

Ndubuisi is in a business that is fast growing and the only reason could be that the market is readily available and thus lucrative. But according to the Ebonyi State University graduate this is only because more people are more open to discuss and look for solutions to their sexual problems.

“The reason any business will grow is an increase in the market for it. Times have changed, people are busier and engaged with hustle and bustle, people are more open to discuss their sexuality as well as actively find solutions to their problems. The older one gets, the less effective and active one will get too. This is due to hormone change, diet, stress, pregnancy, mental engagement and health issues. All these affect the libido, which results in poor or low sexual performance. With all these growing needs, there is indeed a great gap to fill, hence the growth of the aphrodisiac businesses. Since the beginning of time a lot of men and women across races, cultures, ethnicity, age and professional have needed aphrodisiacs to arouse sexual instinct, response, performance, response and desire making it general consensus. We all want to have better sex and Aphrodisiacs is the remedy to libido related issues,” she said.

“Aphrodisiacs come in several shapes and forms. There are a lot of pills and tablets, these can have adverse effects such as over stimulation, hallucinations, anxiety and weakness. However my Aphrodisiacs are purely organic, have lasting healing features and   incorporate the healing properties of fruits, herbs/spices, chocolate, ginger, oysters to mention a few. These are parts of our day to day meals and have no adverse effects,” she added

Ndubuisi Enderline Ngozi was born on March 28, 1997. She’s originally from Imo State but born and bred in Kano.

She’s regarded as the youngest Kayanmata goddess in Nigeria at the moment. She has an associate named Okoh Stephen Ifeanyi, a graduate of biology who assists her in researching plants, roots and herbs as well as in sourcing them.

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