US Coronavirus deaths toll now over 100,000, cases near 2m…see details of other countries with high tallies

United States has surpassed the grim milestone of 100,000 deaths, the world’s highest.

It reached the mark on Tuesday night as figures rolled in from the states.

John Hopkins University estimated the death toll at 98,902 deaths as at 01:30GMT on Wednesday.

But data company Dadax which runs said 100,579 people have died.

On Tuesday alone, fresh infections were 19,049 , while fresh deaths were 774.

U.S. caseload of infections is now 1,725,275 and still counting.

President Trump has been accused of causing the carnage, by not taking action when he should have.

Latest count of confirmed #COVID19 cases worldwide at 0100 GMT, May 27 World: 5,588,299

U.S.: 1,680,625

Brazil: 391,222

Russia: 362,342

UK: 266,599

Spain: 236,259

Italy: 230,555

France: 182,847

Germany: 181,200

Turkey: 158,762

India: 150,793 (Data: Johns Hopkins University)

Update of Covid-19 top new cases in Africa

Egypt: 789 new cases

South Africa: 649 new cases

Cameroon: 546 new cases

Nigeria: 276 new cases

Ghana: 156 new cases

Sudan: 156 new cases

Algeria: 194 new cases

DRC: 106 new cases

Gabon: 103 new cases

Madagascar: 44 new cases

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