US senators and global terror

The United States of America has largely contributed to the misgivings of Nigeria as a peaceful nation. Actually, many people believe that American political power game has naturally centered on Africa thereby threatening its political freedom. America contributes to the weak economy of Nigeria. The International Monetary Fund, IMF, forced Nigeria to embrace the Structural Adjustment Policy (SAP) with its attendant frivolous loans and consequent massive devaluation of the naira which has become a wasted toilet paper, while the American dollar gets stronger.

Senators of the United States of America advocating that Nigeria should return to the religious violators list do not believe in religious freedom because most of them do not even go to church believing that those going to church are not civilised. How come, therefore, for such people to talk about religious tolerance when they cannot go the extra mile with the religious belief? How come that such people who give a go ahead to wage unnecessary warfare in Muslim countries like Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria and Somalia will ever talk about religious violators list, for God sake? American senators may say whatever they want to say but people around the world have already lost confidence of the American hegemony.

We do understand the causes of September 11, (9/11) episode but America turned its eyes to more innocent people even when it has full knowledge of those responsible for that attack. It imposed unnecessary warfare on its surrogates whom it had used to send Russian army packing, the country that spent 10 years in Afghanistan until when American army and that of NATO came to fore spending 21 years until it was decimated and shamelessly left with ignominy.

So, the American senators should first investigate who bombed Oklahoma City during the President Bill Clinton government. America were to put the blame on Muslims but the good Samaritan President Clinton called investigation and in the end it was an American attacking America. And recently during the American election the world woke up to know that some American hoodlums had invaded the Capitol, killing innocent people yet ti was not a violation of human rights; who were those people, are they not the violators religious what have you? One wonders why America cannot see the spike of terrorism that comes from their territory but poke its nose where it isnot necessary.

Actually, the Owo church attack was cruel and unjust as those who attacked the worshippers also did so in many Muslim areas. Check the list of attacks you would surely find that the attacks were/are done to pitch Muslims and Christians into war but God in his mercy this did not allow it happen. In Niger, Kano and other Muslim areas the same attack is countless yet the United States senators could only accuse Nigeria, while it forgets its mass killings of Muslim Ummah in different locations around the world e.g. Libya, Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Somalia and lots more: stop it, people know who you are.

Comrade Ibrahim Abdu Zango,

Chairman, Kano Unity Forum,



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