US warns Nigeria over looming population explosion

The United States Deputy Chief of Mission in Nigeria, Mr. David Young has tasked the federal government and other stakeholders to plan ahead for the challenges of population explosion expected to double to 400 million in the country by 2050.
Speaking in an interactive forum with members of the Sir Kashim Ibrahim Fellows at Kaduna state Government House, the envoy expressed concern that the huge population, if not properly handled, will create more problems than opportunities for Nigeria in the future.
The US envoy expressed concern that Nigeria’s projected 400 million population by 2050, may come without commensurate amenities and human capital to sustain it thereby becoming a challenge than an opportunity for the country.
Young however urged government to focus attention on human capital development, health, education and curbing corruption to the barest minimum, if Nigeria were to prepare for the population increment.
“We are in Kaduna to speak to young people who are the future leaders of the country.
The challenges in 2050 for Nigeria are both opportunities and challenges, particularly with the great population that is coming.
By 2050, Nigeria will have over 400 million people.
“I think it is very important to face these challenges, investing in the people, the leaders of the future is really important.
I think all Nigerians recognize that addressing the issue of corruption is very important to be able to free up the funds to invest in education, health for the future leaders of this country”


Our soldiers not begging for food – DHQ

The Defence Headquarters has denied the allegation that soldiers fighting Boko Haram terrorists in North east Nigeria are begging for food and sleeping in classrooms.
The denial came as a result of a trending video clip and story alleging that soldiers in the frontlines in North east were begging for food and sleeping in classrooms.
But Director of Defence Information, Brig.
John Agim said in a statement that the allegation is “nothing farther from the truth than the story.” He said that the story was being propagated by fifth columnists “whose only objective is to collaborate with enemies of our nation to prolong their own organisational interests.” “The story/video is one of their many strategies targeted at breaking the cohesion and the fighting spirit of the troops.
“It is a known fact that all over the world, the battlefront is not a playground.
What differentiates soldiers from civilians is the ability to endure hard conditions and make sacrifices.
Same goes for accommodation at the battle front as the soldiers are either on the move or in trenches.
Accommodations where necessary, are makeshift and not expected to be luxurious.
That is the reality and price of the Military profession.
There is no easy way.
For those who may not know, there is no barracks in Sambisa forest and several other troops’ locations in the North east.
Also, troops are promptly paid approved operational allowances aside other welfare and administrative arrangements.
Whereas there may be challenges in them battle-space which is normal, appropriate measures are being taken to address them.
“The story is a failed attempt to distract the purposeful direction in the counter-terrorism fight.
The Nigerian Armed Forces is stating categorically here that its fighting spirit is indomitable and no amount of falsehood can distract the military from fighting terrorism to a conclusive end.” Agim urged the public to disregard the publication and continue to give the military the needed support and cooperation

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