Use your strength to grab power, ex- Kaduna gov tells youth

Immediate past governor of Kaduna state, Alhaji Ramalam Yero, has called on youth to use their strength in the acquisition of power and influence under the current political dispensation in the country.

Speaking at the launch of a magazine entitled; the ‘National Interest, the Man Godswill Akpabio,’ held at Mambayya House in Kano , Yero stated that the present generation of youth in the country have possessed the capacity and wherewithal to lead the crusade of putting credible leaders in corridors for citizen’s expectations to be met.

He pointed out that Nigeria being a promising political edifice is in dire need of leaders with the capacity and ability to deliver at a time when the country needs to effect a paradigm shift in the way the citizens ought to be freed from the bondage of misery, hunger and poverty adding that with exuberance, courage and industriousness, the youth can be entrusted with the task of setting the pace.

He said: “We are addressing you today in this hall, for you to understand the nitty- gritty of leadership. You are the ones to wage the crusade not expecting other to do it for you. This is the right time for you to rise to the challenge. It is not only when you reach senility that you begin to think of forging ahead.

“It is also the right time for you to take a cue from what our elders have done to steer the ship of the state when they were at the peak of their exuberance. They lead the country creditably and achieved their goals in the corridors of power during their hey days. Be like them, act like them and be resolute enough in treading their footsteps,” he remarked.

Reviewing the magazine at the colourful event, the dean, School of Postgraduate Studies, Federal University, Lokoja, Professor Gbenga Ibileye, said curious mind would want to know why the publishers decided to use the rare and unconventional mode of publication to honour Akpabio, stressing that the answer lies in the personality of the subject matter, his phenomenal if not meteoric life that bestrides nearly every facet and space.

He said the editor of the magazine, apart from portraying Akpabio’s profile of excellent public life, he also peeped into the private life of the man, showing the solidity of his private life and family life and that the magazine was beautifully packaged, well illustrated glossy publication which came in three broad thematic areas and parades a total of 28 write ups across.

He however stated that the magazine detailed Akpabio’s boundless energy and uncommon devotion to social justice and truth stressing that in that regard, Akpabio might be the answer to the raging discourse on generational shift in politics and governance.

In his presentation entitled: “Leadership, Governance and Nation Building in Nigeria” the guest speaker, Professor Abdullahi Hassan Goron Dutse, said at a crucial time like this, Nigeria is in desperate need for a leader that can be trust worthy, honest, credible and with impeccable record of proven integrity that could bail the country out of its quagmire.

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