Using Combination Bets To Earn In Today EPL Match

Take your earnings to the next level in today match when you use the combo bet technique.

Combination bets today

A combination bet combines two or more betting tips on one slip for a total payoff. Any combination of all available sports bets is possible.

In a combination bet, you can stake a different amount on each prediction. If one of the picks you’ve supported loses, the other combination bet might still win. A combination bet may contain some bets that are generally numerous bets such as doubles, trebles, or accumulators. Some betting sites give you combination bet options that have chances on similar returns.

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The doubles: This multiple bet is popular in numerous sports, including rugby, football, tennis, horse racing and so on. It is the simplest and easiest type of multiple bets because it is just about two singular picks combined into one stake. The good news is that the punter receives a larger payoff if the two winning stakes win than they would have if they had only made two separate single bets. The sad news is that the double stake must be successful in order to win and someone will lose the wager if either one or both of the choices fail to win. For example:

You have placed 500 naira double bet on Leicester to beat Manchester United in today match at 4/1 and Manchester City to beat Liverpool at 2/1. The odds for this double bet would be:

4/1 x 2/1 = 14/1, it may offer you 14/1 winning. (Keep in mind that your stake is increased to each portion of the bet).

The 500 naira for 4/1 = 2000 winnings + 500 stakes = 2500; 

2500 for 2/1 = 500 winnings + 2500 stake = 7500

If both Leicester and Manchester City win their matches in 90 minutes, then you will have a double bet winner. If either or both selections draw or lose, then your double bet will be unsuccessful.

Successful double bet winnings: 500 stakes x 4/1 x 2/1 = 7000 profit + 500 stake.

The trebles: This involves making three separate outright selections usually from different events or matches which can also be referred to as legs. These bets combined into one multiple bet is known as a triple bet.

For the treble bet to be successful, each of the three single picks must win. The entire treble bet loses if one of the three picks doesn’t win but, using a reliable betting site reduces the loss for a higher winning profit.

The accumulator: This type of combo bet has one of the highest bet returns but, many betting sites do not offer this option. My advice to you! Make sure your next betting site offers you this service. That said, what is an accumulation combo bet?

Not necessarily different from the definition pattern of doubles and trebles, an accumulation also known as ACCA is a combination of several odds into a single bet. To win this bet, each and every selection must be correct. 

Number of selectionsType of accumulator (acca)
4Four-fold accumulator
5Five-fold accumulator
6Six-fold accumulator
7Seven-fold accumulator
8Eight-fold accumulator

A good site includes bookies that allow the accumulator get substantially better odds than if they were to place the selections as separate stakes.

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