Using Innovation to fight insurgency; the FG example


In an attempt to put an end to insurgency in Nigeria, the federal government recently launched a multi-purpose vehicle wholly designed by indigenes engineers; BINTA SHAMA reports.
Research has shown that the Niger Delta militancy and Boko Haram insurgency poses the greatest security threat to the country since the end of the civil war in 1970. 

Owing to poor governance, the state relies essentially on repression and the military option in managing challenges to its legitimacy, leading to the radicalization of violent non-state actors. There is need for developmental politics and a critical re-examination of the National question to make the state more relevant to the people.
The invention
The Nigerian Army (NA) is the largest component of the Nigerian Armed Forces, and is responsible for land warfare. It is governed by the Nigerian Army Council (NAC). It bears the brunt of the nation’s security challenges, notably the Boko Haram insurgency. 

Recently, the Defence Industry Corporation of Nigeria (DICON) and Command Engineering Depot (CED) proudly presented three ranges of its newly built special purpose vehicle (SPV) and an infantry patrol vehicle (IPV) to the market. 
Vehicles built for security
Surprisingly, these spectacular vehicles were locally built by a team of engineers under the direct command of the Chief of Army Staff bringing in the vision of the president and commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of Nigeria.

A vision said to hinge on the design and production of made-in-Nigeria all-purpose security vehicles. According to the design, the vehicles incorporates exceptional quality and provides up to 50 per cent savings when compared to imported ones.
The special purpose vehicles are designed with the utmost precision using advanced protective technology making it virtually identified from the regular factory models. DICON’s Special Purpose Vehicle are ideal for Armed Forces and other law enforcement agencies. With a wide array of available options and configurations, almost any specification is attainable.

The changing face of warfare has necessitated the need for new vehicle design for men in the frontline. The requirement for lighter unamoured  vehicle for moving small numbers of troops for reconnaissance and short-range strike cannot be overemphasized. 
The SPV attack is designed to provide the Nigerian armed forces with all the need for quick strike and retreat missions. Designed to be fast, light and powerful, the attack is suitable for surveillance, reconnaissance, attack, scouting mission and special Force supports.

The SPV Trooper can comfortably accommodate 12 people and is specially designed for Nigerian roads and turbulent environment, this tough and efficient truck offers a torque heavy, fuel conscious 150 horse power diesel engine, paired with automatic transmission, extra-duty cooling and electrical system to keep your ride running effortlessly.

Vehicle designed and built by Craftsdesign
Designed for every purpose, be it for armed force opera ons, law enforcement patrol or civilian use, the Special Purpose Vehicle Carrier (SPV Carrier) is easily customized to your need. When you need durability, strength and space for load SPV Carrier doesn’t disappoint with its state of the art bulbar, built in body protection and its large hull. The integrated bush plate on the SPV Carrier especially designs for Nigeria roads take you further and harder.
With its amazing power-to-weight ratio, this swift and sturdy SPV is a tremendous asset to individuals and agencies. It can be built-to-order on a one-off basis or via our fleet program in order to fulfill larger agency-level-demands.

The Infantry Patrol Vehicle 2 (IPV 2) is a light non- armored patrol vehicle designed for quick personnel personnel insertion, patrol and Special Forces related operations. The design was borne out of the need to create a vehicle that is civilians friendly especially in highly volatile areas and yet satisfy operational requirements. The vehicle is specifically built with comfort, civilian friendly, ruggedness and safety in mind. 
The IPV 2 on demand can be equipped with light attack munitions (artillery gun), the mounted weapon rotate at 360 degrees when in use. Its heavy duty suspension help sa sfy off road requirements while the 60 liters tank capacity ensure that the IPV 2 travel at a maximum distance of 350km at top speeds of 180km/hr. 
Vehicle built to meet military demands
The vehicles were built to meet the challenging demands of military operations across rugged terrain and as well reduce insurgency in the country.
In the same vain the Nigerian Army is now operating an unspecified number of locally-built Innoson IVM G-12 Series Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) that were handed over to the Chief of Army Staff. 
The IVM-G12 is described by its manufacturer as a highly mobile and tactical pick-up van with double reinforced shock absorbers that have demonstrated strength and ability to cope with military functions.
The vehicles were designed with Boko Haram and the need to return the schoolgirls who were captured by the armed group in 2014 back to their families.
While designing the IVM G12 series, the manufacturers were guided by the urgent need to rescue the remaining girls who are still being held captive (by Boko Haram) in those harrowing conditions inside the notorious Sambisa Forest. These vehicles were designed to enter any part of Sambisa Forest, no matter how difficult the terrain. 
The vehicle features a permanent 4X4 system and comes in long and short-base, station wagon as well as twin-cab configurations.
However, it has no body or underside armour for troop protection against direct gunfire, landmine and explosive device attacks.

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