VIDEO: Another popular tiktoker, Kelly Bhadie, s3x tape surfaces

The s3x tape of a famous 18-year-old tiktoker, Kelly Bhadie, who went viral in May with her twerking video has allegedly surfaced online.

After coming to limelight, Kelly Bhadie has been impersonated by numerous people on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok.

Even without meeting many people, they had to beef her after the tik-toker came into Limelight.

Many people shared her story, and her alleged s3x tape started a new trend.

However, Kelly bhadie has come out to debunk this alleged s3xtape of her stating clearing that she isn’t the one in the viral video.

She stressed that she has no idea who the girl in the video was. On the other hand she bashed people who are spreading the false rumors, for not using their brains to analyze the video well, to see that it was not her.

Kelly’s most popular video to date, with 4.8 million views, is one in which she sets men on fire.

Her first TikTok video, which has received over 2 million views, was in November 2021, when she wore a black shirt that exposed her belly button, waist beads, and bending low.

Kelly’s dance style and clothing style have been replicated by many online, and her fan base is growing on a daily basis.

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