Viral Video: Nigerians speak up as Abia governor’s son moves in convoy

Nigerians on social media has reacted to a viral video showing the son of Abia State Governor, Okezie Ikpeazu, arriving at an event in grand style.
The 21-year old Chinedu Ikpeazu, arrived in a long convoy, including cars with police escorts.

Here are the reactions from various social media users…

Nnana Okoro, “For me the guy started very late yes….he should have been making public appearance like this since his father early second tenure…. some people are criticizing it as if is not a precedent someone has set or done before….CHINEDU….ndi Abia state continues…. This is another Ikukuma Abia…. what a PRECEDENT……guy I hail you …be strong and occupied your own space….. anytime Abia state is to be healed…we will know…. Yes..”

Comrade Phil’s, “So Okezie Ikpeazu’s son moves in a convoy?

“And someone even said the son of his Excellency is also his Excellency…

Who is paying for these logistics?”

Engr Gabai, “His father is paying all logistics”

Eze Eluchie, “The disgraceful arrival of the 21year old unemployed son of Abia State Governor, Okezuo Ikpeazu, further underscores the need to investigate, prosecute and incarcerate criminals who loot the public till to sustain lavish lifestyles of their ill brought up scions.

“Unfortunately, this rascality displayed by Chinedu Ikpeazu, is replicated across the 36 States of the Nigerian contraption and at a much higher level by the children of public office holders at the federal level. If we recollect, not too long ago, President Muhammadu Buhari’s son, crashed his power bike on the streets of Abuja and the young punk had to be flown abroad for treatment for injuries sustained, at public expense.

“Nigerians simply have to vote out these kleptomaniacs, and take back their country in the coming February 2023 presidential elections.”

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