Volleyball league will hold this year -Nimrod

President of the Nigeria Volleyball Federation, Engineer Musa Nimrod  has declared that  the federation is working towards the hosting of its league this year despite the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic.
Nimrod said that the competition will be held in line with the federal government protocol on COVID 19.

“Our league will still take place this year and there would be fans in our venue, we will test our players, technical crew and all that will have one thing or the other to do with the competition.
“But you know we are under the supervision of the Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports, we have to take our position to them as the coast become clearer as to where the position of the government is as it concern Nigerians, we cannot do it alone, the support of the ministry of Sports is very key here, even in the area of testing for COVID 19, the ministry has a medical department with experts who can help out in the conduct of the test, if we are done with that we are good to go,” Nimrod said.

He said the federation is aware that human beings do not like protocol as the NCDC and the government are trying to save the populace from the COVID 19 pandemic, will ensure strict adherence to it while the league is being played.
He said the body has already reached out to players and coaches on what to do to keep fit while the lockdown last as there are many online training programmes they can key into as a short time measure.

“We are monitoring our players and we have told them what they should be doing till the lockdown is over and I believe many of them have already started it,” he said.
Nimrod also added that they are monitoring the government position on the National Sports Festival tagged Edo 2020, and will possibly kick start its programme from there, anytime the green light is given.

He also said all the actions of the federation will also be guided by International Volleyball Federation rules and directives with regards to competitions.

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