We are stronger together

Nigeria is a country with a unique sense of unity and TOGETHERNESS. Muslims, Christians or other faiths, north or south, east or west, majority or minority, we are all bound by our love for one another. We are peaceful neighbours who sometimes misunderstand each other but always resolve our differences amicably. Our language, faith or food may differ but we are one family that continues to live peacefully together under the same roof for 62 fruitful years.

I love Nigeria my country for the love of its amazing valleys where ancient River Niger and River Benue flow the full circle of life under the exotic and elegant eye of birds adorning the beautiful blue sky.

I love Nigeria for peace. So says the beautiful scenery of Gembu in Taraba state and the green vegetation of Obudu Ranch in Cross River state where reptiles and birds caress their surface with elegance and glittering in pride.

I love her for joy. So says the perfectly textured Olumo Rock in Ogun state to the beautiful and uppermost Ekwegbe Hill of Enugu state with cheerful baboons hoping from boulder to boulder in the majestic delight of cliffs and peaks. 

My country is for health and wealth. See the wondrous blue Atlantic Ocean in Lagos state to the calm and perfectly transparent Yankari water spring in Bauchi state. See the big and tasty fish deep beneath the bowels of the Argungu river in Kebbi state to the huge googled-eyed fish of River Ethiope of Delta state.

A rich country with industrious miners deep under the rich soil Jewels of Enugu state extracting coal, tin in Jos, gold in Zamfara state, iron Ore in Oyo state, limestone in Gombe state and bitumen in Edo state with golden echoes and voices of praise for the country.

Nigeria my great country of 62 years. From Illela in Sokoto state through the cosmopolitan city of Kaduna state down to Opobo in Rivers state, From Badagry in Lagos state up to the center of unity and the metropolitan capital city Abuja to the tranquil desert of Kala Balge in Borno state, our hands are joined together with hope in our eyes and togetherness in our hearts.

We are one people and one family.

Imam Maiyaki,


[email protected]


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