We did not delegate our duties –Magu

Acting Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Ibrahim Magu, has told the nation to give his organisation two weeks within which they would conclude and report back to the nation the issue of corruption in the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF).
Speaking at an interactive session with senior journalists at the new headquarter of the organisation, Magu said, “we did not delegate our responsibilities to any Ministry to investigate the matter.” According to him, “no any other organisation has the kind of knowledge to conduct the investigation required to unearth the criminal content of the petitions in this nature.” He pleaded with the nation “give us two weeks and we shall report to the nation our findings.
Nobody is above the law.
Nobody will be spared.
We shall let the nation know our findings.
We shall deliver quality investigation on thus case.” We gather intelligence and information on all corruption issues.
Some people are refunding some of the monies they have stolen.
We have the information.
We have the records.
Nobody comes here who is guilty goes away free.
We shall conclude the investigation and commence prosecution, where necessary.
The list of the looters in the nation is comprehensively documented and we shall soon publish and the guilty ones will face the wrath of the law.
For us, there is no end to the strategies of fighting corruption.
Every Nigerian has a duty to fight corruption, he concluded.
Exposing corruption anywhere is a strategy in fighting corruption.
Every journalist is a corruption hunter.
We must all fight this gnome in the interest of our nation.”


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