We ‘ll vote out those against anti open grazing law –Ujege

President General of Mdzough u Tiv, Engr. Edward Ujege, yesterday said the three major socio-cultural groups in Benue will mobilise votes against any candidate who refused to support the law prohibiting open grazing law.

Ujege also said they will continue to work with other ethnic nationalities in Nigeria to ensure that restructuring is achieved.

Engr. Ujege, who made this known in an interview with newsmen yesterday in Makurdi, noted that Nigeria has remained backward because too much responsibility have been left in the hands of the federal government.

According to Ujege, the decision of the federal government to leave the issue of constituency projects solely in the hands of the federal legislators has done the country more harm than good.

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He said most of the legislators have turned the constituency projects into money making venture and most at times carry out projects that are of little impact on the people.

Ujege also noted that the widespread insecurity in Nigeria was because of the inability of the state to have control over security apparatus.

“The story that senators are taking home N13 million a month and leaving constituency projects in the hands of national legislators make the system never works.

“Security of this country which have been left solely in the hands of the federal government have been greatly misused, and Nigerians will like to see a situation where the states themselves will have a security to manage for the safety of domain.

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“It becomes very difficult for a policeman who is from Kano or Sokoto to understand the security problem of Benue and how to tackle it. This is because he does not known the terrain, the language, and peculiar security nature of the state. This is why there is always high casualty level on the side of security during crisis,” he added.

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