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It’s an undeniable fact that Sen. Aisha Dahiru Ahmed Binani’s name has travelled in the ears of every Nigerian. Her emergence as the flag bearer of the Adamawa state governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, grasped and arrested the attention of the country’s populace. With these she received tones of support and dozen of prayers from the people in the country and even in the diaspora, she’s the notable personality of this year’s election.

Binani might win or lose the election but she won the hearts of people, she has become influential and has set a pace for people to follow in the country’s politics. Among her influence is making the incumbent governor (Ahmadu Umar Fintiri) substituted his male running mate (Crowther Seth) with a female (Prof Keleptawa Farauta). This remarkably uplifted the status of women participation in politics and dismantled the common sense of some people that women don’t have a role to play in politics.

Binani’s bravery is incomparable. Her audacity and capacity have shaken and made the sitting governor shiver and quiver. She made him to initiate last minute empowerment and execute some projects at the deadline of election. In the same vein, how she defeated strong male candidates during the party’s primary election is encouraging.

Binani will now be leaving the red chamber. Her four years as a senator representing Adamawa Central Senatorial Zone birthed legacies that will live on forever. Her projects in different sectors such as education, health, poverty alleviation programmes, establishment of Federal Medical Centre Mubi, upgrading Federal Medical Centre Yola to Teaching Hospital and Modibbo Adama University Yola (MAU Yola) from a technology university to a conventional university, solar power lights supplies, unending and unbiased empowerment of craft workers, donation to religious organisations, youth associations, and other life touching projects during her single tenure as a senator will remain testimony of making her the best elected representative in the state.

Binani attracted even the opposition, and proved to the present administration that their chanting and ranting of no opposition in the state is merely an illusion and a mirage but fortunate enough they have now realised her intense display of spirit towards achieving a goal can never be underestimated like a Shakespeare’s lady Macbeth still gives them sleepless nights. Binani is a beacon steadfastness that motivates the two genders and her political career is now fad and she remains vivacious.

We need more Binani in us, around us and with us, the pavement of strong female participation in contemporary Nigeria has been set and revived by Binani.
Binani is energetic, and declaration of inconclusive is not the end of the journey rather a fresh beginning to return and impact positively to Adamawa people. May Adamawa state and Nigeria succeed.

Aliyu Idris,
Jimeta, Yola North,
Adamawa state
[email protected]

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