We’ll promote hygiene to prevent COVID -19 spread – HAF

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The Corporate Affairs Manager, West/Midwest, Nigerian Breweries Plc, Mr Danjuma John-Ekele, has said Heineken Africa Foundation (HAF) will continue to promote culture of hygiene to prevent spread of COVID -19 in Nigeria.

Speaking with newsmen at the launching of second phase of the Scale-Up Hygiene at the Western House , Oyo state Government Secretariat in Ibadan, Mr John -Ekele said the foundation is committed to the health and we’ll being of the people.

The Nigerian Breweries Corporate Affairs Manager, West/Midwest stated that the second phase of the Scale Up Hygiene will focus on consolidating on the wins of the first phase and ramping up existing hygiene promotion interventions and campaigns to increase access to improved hygiene.

He stated that the measure will also reduce the spread of the virus and support national and sub-national governments to integrate water, sanitation and hygiene in their COVID-19 response and vaccination strategy.

The Country Director, WaterAid Nigeria, Evelyn Mere in his remarks at the launching said the first phase of Scale-Up hygiene was successful in reaching and equipping 21 million residents in Baluchi, Benue, Ekiti, Enugu, Kaduna and Oyo states and in the FCT with context-specific hygiene information, encouraging the practice of good hygiene, using different promotional cues and touch points, including national, state and community TV and radio stations.

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