We’ll resolve Benue-Taraba boundary crisis in 2021- NBC

Some nine months after embarking on the demarcation of the Taraba and Benue common boundary, the National Boundary Commission (NBC) has assured that further steps will soon be taken to address conflicts between the two states.

The commission said it is working assiduously to ensure that by early 2021 it resolves the crisis which arose following the demarcation of boundary between the states border communities.

Speaking with regard to Tiv-Jukun crisis whose boundaries were demarcated, the commission’s Director of Interstate Boundaries, Dr Richard Oji, said conflicts have persisted and require further proactive action to resolve.

He said although the process was momentarily halted by the COVID 19 pandemic lockdown, but assured that efforts would be rekindled early 2021 in that regard.

“We are planning to resuscitate the action in the early part of 2021. After that, we will move into those agreements areas that the states have agreed to ensure that we monument those ones fully.

“Those other disagreement areas, we will come back to them with the hope of resolving all the issues to ensure that the demarcation is completed without any issue,” Oji said.

Speaking further he said besides the lockdown, the lacuna in the process was largely because of the perception of the people towards border demarcation.

“But there has been a lacuna in the process which had to do with the people’s perception on demarcation and disagreement between the two states.”

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