We’ve decent, indecent people in Kannywood – Khadija Mustapha

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Mustapha is not a new face in the Kannywoood fi lm industry. Born in the 90s, Khadija hails from Maiduguri. She joined the industry a few years ago. Her fi rst appearance was in a fi lm called ‘Ni da Matata’ which was produced by Abba Miko Yakasai, and has since been getting series of off ers from directors and producers to feature in their fi lms.
In this interview with ALIYU ASKIRA in Kano, Khadija speaks on her crashed marriage, how to contend with challenges that have to do with being a Hausa fi lm actress and future plans.

Why is it that in spite of your popularity and acceptance in Kannywood, one has scarcely read about you in the media? Well, I always try to mind my business because one story in the media can destroy person’s life forever.

But that does not mean I am not willing to talk to the press.

Have you ever married before? Yes.

After I finished primary and secondary school and later obtained my Diploma, I got married here in Kano.

Even though I had had the desire to be an actress especially after having watched the famous ‘Sangaya’ film, my parents instead wanted me to get married, which I did.

However, after some time, when the marriage crashed, I then approached Falalu Daurayi, to assist me join Kannywood.

Did you intentionally bring the marriage to an end because you wanted to join Kannywood? NO.

The thing is I married somebody that I though with whom I would live forever but unfortunately it didn’t work out.

If my desire was to break my marriage and join Kannywood, I would not have allowed myself to even have a baby.

In fact, as we speak, if I get somebody who is sincere, Godfearing man, I will willingly marry him.

You talked about getting married to a God-fearing person, but what about the allegations of immorality and indecency the general public have reportedly had about Kannywood actresses? How would you exonerate yourself or even the industry as a whole from this? As a matter of fact, since joining Kannywood about 4 years ago, I have seen a lot.

While it is true that we have those who are morally corrupt and who are only here to use Kannywood and market themselves, on the other hand, I met some actors and actresses who are already married, made a good name for themselves in the industry that are extremely decent.

We also have successful actors and actresses that have been in the industry for a very long time, yet one has never heard them associated with any scandal, so we have the good the bad and the ugly.

Being a successful actress and business woman, how are you planning to give back to the society? I am already working on a very big proposal to set up an NGO.

Before gthat is done, during Ramadan or other festivities, I distribute food items, clothes and other assorted materials to the less-privileged.

When I am free, I travel to Saudi Arabia to pray to Almighty Allah for his mercy and blessings.

What about allegations that you ladies have to compromise your body for things to be easier for you in the industry? How true is it? I keep wondering why is it that anytime the press approaches us for an interview, does not always forget to ask the issue of sex for role in Kannywood.

Well, assuming it is happening, in my earlier reply, I told you that we have decent people here and we also have some bad eggs.

But this is not common to Kannywood alone.

Even in some Banks, ladies are asked to go and solicit for customers will be given certain target.

In this case, some girls do compromise their body to meet up their target.

However, I am not saying am certain of what I am saying but these are stories we always hear about banks, the same way people are hearing about sex for roles in Kannywood.

Are you into any relationship, and when are you thinking of settling down again? Even if am into a relationship, you know that I will not tell you now.

Th e only thing I am trying to avoid is getting married to somebody that will divorce me after some time.

I want real marriage that will last forever.

So I am taking my time to know the fake ones among the real ones that are coming my way.

You are also a business woman, how do you juggle acting with business? As you know, I am into buying and selling of goods especially children clothes.

I normally travel to Dubai, India and Saudi Arabia to buy goods and come to Nigeria and sell.

It is not easy because one has to most times contend with Custom offi cials when importing contraband items.

But one thing I always make sure is that I operate within the law and import goods that will not put me into trouble.

Finally, tell us your saddest and happiest moment since you joined Kannywood? Honestly, they are many, like when you hear your own colleagues spreading false rumors about you, and then since I joined Kannywood we lost prominent members that any time I remember them, I feel sad.

Like late Rabilu Musa Ibro, Mai Aya, Aisha Dan Kano, and Hauwa Dodo and many others that died before even I joined Kannywood.

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