What a President! What a leader!

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Just breaks your heart, doesn’t it?  And this is the pattern, I’m afraid.  This is what’s been our lot for four years.    Nigerians are people of goodwill; we just need an active and dynamic-enough President to unite behind.  Unfortunately, and despite a majority fervently wishing him to do well, Jonathan has persistently dropped the ball.

Simply bleating ad nauseam about ‘transformation’ is not it.  A leader must let his people feel his passion.  A leader has got to let his people know that he’s got their back.  Sadly, we don’t feel that with Jonathan.

We appear to be lumbered with a Presidency without bite.  It is one committee after another.  Either that or we get another statement pressed together by brother Abati.  That doesn’t do it for us anymore.  It only highlights a lack of dynamism, and citizens are forced to wonder whether they are truly on their own.

Michael Egbejumi-David,

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