What I told King Charles III at Buckingham Palace – Buhari

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President Muhammadu Buhari has disclosed details of his meeting with British Monarch, His Royal Majesty, King Charles III in Buckingham Palace on Wednesday.

The president in an interview with journalists after the meeting the monarch, President Buhari said King Charles III asked him whether he has a house in the UK or not.

“He (King Charles III) asked me whether I have a house here (in the UK), I said no. 

“I live in Nigeria alone, the only house I have are those I have before I got into government and I am not very much interested in having houses all over the place. I feel much freer when I have nothing”.

President Buhari while reacting to the reasons for his visit said Nigeria is a large market and it is only wise for the business relationship between the two countries to be nurtured.

“Firstly, we are to meet with the king in Kigali but unfortunately, the meeting was postponed. 

“He is interested very much in Nigeria, maybe because of Nigeria’s relationship with Britain for long, our economic strength, I think we are still of great attachment to them” he said

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