What is happening in Saudi Arabia? , By Ibrahim Muhammed

Readers should please forgive me for flagging off this week page with a curious headline, especially when a country that can be regarded as the “Headquarter’ of Islamic world is mention. Series of events and policy announcements coming out of the Saudi ruling house in recent months calls for attention by all genuine adherent of Islam.
For record purposes, Saudi Arabia as a country have sovereign rights to introduce new policy or measures aim at shaping her economic development in the ever changing economic cycle. They cannot afford to remain motionless when the whole world is moving towards sustainable development.
Millions of Muslims all over the world thronged the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia year round to perform Umrah or hajj. Thus making Saudi Arabia the unofficial capital city of Muslims world. This is the reason why we are concerned about their policy especially those that may affect our religious obligations. We cannot remain unconcerned over how government of Saudi Arabia policies is viewed by other nations,
In March this year, Saudi Arabia launches its first Girls Council though with only men on stage to discuss issues that affects women. It was followed introduction of physical exercise for girls in the schools. In September, the country issues a decree allowing women to drive and obtained driving licenses, moving away from its strict adherent of Islamic injunctions.
Recently, the Crown prince announced the launch of an independent $500 billion megacity – with “separate regulation” – along the Red Sea coastline. “Seventy per cent of the Saudi population is under 30, and honestly we will not spend the next 30 years of our lives dealing with destructive ideas. We will destroy them today and at once,” What are the “destructive ideas” being referred to here? Does strict adherence to Islamic injunction constitute “destructive ideas”?
He talked about ‘separate regulation’ – a vein reference to a separate law that is different to Sharia legal system currently being practiced by the Kingdom.
Umar ibn Al-Khattab reported: A man from the Jews said, “O leader of the believers, there is a verse you recite in your book and, had it been revealed to us as Jews, we would have taken that day as a celebration.” Umar said, “Which verse is it?” The man recited the verse, “Today I have completed your religion for you, perfected My favor upon you, and have chosen Islam as your religion.” (5:3)
Umar said, “I know the day and place in which this verse was revealed to the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him. It was while he was standing on the day of ‘Arafāt on Friday.” Source: Sahīh al-Bukhārī 45, Sahīh Muslim 3017
The Crown prince should be told that those Western powers whom he is working hard to pleased are themselves secretly envying the Kingdom. They marvel at the blessings Almighty Allah has deposited in the Kingdom. The blessing in Makkah is not manmade or western economic blueprints implementations. Europe and America has been trying to pool the wool over the eyes over the rest of the world about the reality of their economic situations.
The King of Saudi Arabia also doubles as the Custodian of the Two Holly Mosque. What this implies is that they solely controlled the affairs of the most Holiest of all places of worship in Islam.
Allowing the pressure of Western nations to dictate how Islam is practiced in Saudi Arabia will not augur well. Quran and Hadith of the Holly Prophet are the source of legislation in Islam. Jabir Bin ‘Abdullah (t) narrated that Allah’s Messenger (r) said, “The best speech is that embodied in the Book of Allah, and the best guidance is the guidance given by Muhammad. The most evil affairs are their innovations; and every innovation is an error.” (Muslim1885 and Ibn Majah 1/45)

The New Saudi Crown Prince seems to be toeing the lane of those who knows nothing close to what Islam means and represent. The so called “conservative and moderate Muslims being used by the media are actually meant to dilute Islam and adulterate the Religion of Peace.
Islam is a way of life, it’ is a complete law of living that made no room for any alteration or reform as being brandished by the Prince.
What is conservative and what is moderate in Islam? Is there any mention of such terms in 6, 767 Chapters of Holly Quran or in the Hadith of Holly Prophet?
We are told in the Quran that the receivers of previous scripture have corrupted their scripture (2:75, 4:46, 5:13, 5:41). This was allowed to happen with God’s will. All corruptions serve as a test to distinguish the hypocrites from the genuine believers. In addition, God is always able to correct all corruptions through the revelation of newer scripture which bear the truth and expose the falsehood. But since the Quran is the final scripture sent to man (33:40), then any corruptions which may take place in the Quran could not be exposed in future scripture. Thus it was necessary that God would preserve the Quran itself against all corruptions.

Surely, We have revealed the ‘Zhikr’ (Quran), and surely, We will preserve it”15:9.
“No falsehood will come to it, in the present or in the future; a revelation from One who is Wise and Praiseworthy.” 41:42.

Culled from lives in Saudi Arabia


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