What Jibrin should do at FCTA Land Dept

Last week was celebrated as the world city week. It was a day meant for ensuring the uniqueness of capital cities. The week was also celebrated quietly in Abuja.

Since his appointment as the Director of Land Administration at the  FCTA, TPL Jibrin Adamu, and his team has been doing a lot to correct the decay that manifested itself in the land allocation system as at the time when the current administration took off in 2015.

A lot of problems have been identified as issues which militated against the successful land administration and even the allocation of land itself at all levels within the past few years in the FCT. Issues including encroachment and double allocation of land have attracted the attention of the current Mohammed Bello administration which has pledged to tackle the problems at hand.

This writer learnt that though it has been a herculean task Jibrin had through the introduction of far reaching measures achieved a high level of success in sorting out what could be regarded as a rot encountered by the professionals when the Mohammed Bello administration took over. The situation has now however, greatly improved as compared to what was available 5 years ago when it was even difficult for people to know the status of their land or even the positions of their applications.

Almost all leaders have their unique style of administration and no two leaders do things in the same way at any given time. As an insiderJibrin who has seen it all since he joined the services of the FCTA more than 30 years ago has insisted in doggedly implementing tough measures which he put into place at the land department when he assumed office and his initiatives are now germinating in this capital city which is one of the fastest growing cities in Africa.

I also wish to suggest that a lot of things must be corrected including issues related to double allocation, encroachment and lack of adequate consultation with authorities by developers as well as such other related issues which accumulated over the years. These must all be sorted out.

Ibrahim Biu,


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