What manner of celebrations?

Youths are the lights and hope of all nations. Any developing nation that aims for the moon or any developed nation for that matter that wants to sustain its development must ensure the security and growth of the youths. Parents want their children to be great men and women in future.

This is why they strive to give them the best education since they know that it is only through education that their aspirations for their children can be achieved. Now, imagine the trauma suffered by parents when the life of the children they are looking forward to seeing their greatness is cut short by insurgents. Most unfortunate is that while the young promising Nigerians were having their throat slit, our leaders were celebrating the centenary.

This is worse than the case of man chasing a rat when his house in on fire. The question is: what are the leaders celebrating? Centenary or insecurity? Forty-seven Nigerian students killed in a day, and 24 hours later,our leaders are celebrating? A former head of state whose administration had insecurity and impunity as its emblem was among the 100 Nigerians honoured during the celebration.

The issue is not whether Nigeria’s centenary is worth celebrating or not. My stand is that, the celebrations should have been postponed or even cancelled at least, to show respect to the memory of the victims of the Boko Haram attack and to show their parents that they are not alone during this trying times. Going on with celebrations when school children are being slaughtered shows that our leaders are not worth their salt. Would they be celebrating if their biological children were among the victims? It is high time our leaders showed human feelings and love to ordinary Nigerians. Jamiu Idowu Esho, Eruwa, Oyo State

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