When death calls!

Inna lillah wa inna ilayhi raji’un! We of the Media Committee of Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA), hereby announce the demise of one of us, Waheed Bakare, an ardent journalist of international repute. Allahu Akbar! 

As at the time he breathed his last in the evening of 1441AH Eidul Fitr day (Sunday, May 24, 2020), the Media Ambassador Bakare was the Saturday Editor of New Telegraph newspaper.

His demise after a brief illness of about two weeks has come to reduce our media strength by a chunk. And, now, without him on board, the train of our profession continues its journey to a port of no specific destination. 

Whenever we announce the obituary of a fellow, male or female, we hardly think of the implications of such for now or for the future. 

Nigerian journalists, particularly Muslims, are an endangered professional specie whose deaths entail nothing more than mere lamentations with consequential public indifference.

Like many of his colleagues, dead or alive, Waheed Bakare devoted his life to the service of Islam with little or no encouragement, at all, from most concerned quarters. 

Now, in death, he left behind, not only a wife, but children as well. And this is a time when journalists in private media outfits are virtually on their own in terms of salaries and other benefits. Who now cares for Bakare’s family?

Judging by the situation and circumstances of existence, Nigeria can be described as a country in permanent war of attrition with herself. And, the main courageous warriors on the battle field are the journalists. Yet, they are not adequately equipped to fight that war. Is it a crime to be a journalist? That is a question for Nigerian Muslim Ummah to answer.

While wishing the family of Waheed Bakare the right fortitude with which to bear the entailed agony of his demise, we also pray the Almighty Allah to repose the soul of the deceased in perfect eternal bliss. Amin.


Alhaji Abbas, a renowned columnist, wrote from Lagos

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