When Gov Fintiri received thumps up for developmental strides


What was planned to a be a commissioning of projects executed by Adamawa state governor across the state to mark his two years in office turned out to be a forum for  endorcements and appreciation of his developmental strides. Muazu Abari writes.
Gov Ahmadu Fintiri came to office with his own unique style of development that distinguished him from others. This is beyond the thought of cynics who never wanted him to excel in the politics and governance of the state.Since assuming office, he had always emerged stronger with new concepts thereby leaving his detractors to marvel at the secret behind his performances.When he came on board in 2019, most people expected him to immediately hit the ground running as he did in acting capacity, but as a student of history and strategic studies, Fintiri knows that each situation comes with its own challenges; therefore requires different approach in line with the realities on ground, hence his decision to adopt scientific and multi sectoral approach to governance in order to build a new Adamawa state.Therefore within two years in office, shows that he has succeeded in redefining governance with so many projects in all sectors as encapsulated in his 11 points agenda.It is therefore not a surprise that he decided to mark his two years in office by inviting former vice , Atiku Abubakar, Gov Mohammed Inuwa yahaya of Gombe state, Bala Mohammed of Bauchi state, Seyi of Oyo state, Aminu Tambuwal of Sokoto state, FCT minister, among others to commission his various projects across the state.The commissioning which   started from Numan took the governor and his visitors round various projects  across the state culminating in the commissioning of the flyover by Atiku. Although Fintiri made a lot of remarks in all the places on what informed his decision to embark on his urban renewal projects, but none was mind blowing like that Toungo when he said.

Elated Fintiri feels fulfilled
“Today, I address you with a gladdened heart. My joy knows no bounds. I am particularly grateful to God that I’m part of this history. Two years ago, I came here leading a campaign train in this historic town and on this spot. I saw your faces which were gloomy that you have over the years being neglected in the development scheme of the state and the nation at large. “I made a promise to reverse the trend by changing your story in order to put smiles on your faces. Even after I made the promise to deliver on the abondoned electrification of Toungo, your apprehension was apparent.”As a politician, I can deduce the constructions of your minds from your individual faces.This was the same old story you have gotten used to for over 20 years from politicians who have institutionalised a culture of taking advantage of your bad situation to promise you good things and abondon you after collecting your votes.”However on that day, I made a promise not only to connect Toungo to the National grid but to also redefine politics and re-establish trust between politicians and the  electorates. I promised to deliver on this project within six months. Since that day I was swore in, I sleep and wake up with a pierced conscience on all the promises I made to the people of Adamawa state. Toungo electrification was one of them.”Even though we did not meet the six months dateline as promised, we can safely say a promise is fulfilled. I can conveniently go home and have a sound sleep that God in His infinate mercies has made me to deliver on this one. You can understand when I say my joy knows no bounds.”To the chamber chiefdom especially the people of Toungo, I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart as the saying goes, ‘better late than never’.The Toungo electrification project has lingered on for too long to the point of embarrassment. At last, there is light in Toungo.”As it turned out, the giant strides within two years left the guest with no option than to thump up the governor and recommend him for re-election in 2023.

Gov Inuwa fired first shot
The first to shoot the salvo was Gov Inuwa of Gombe who said.”I want to congratulate you, your Excellency for actualising these projects  and for the good work you have been doing to Adamawa state. I want to pray that the people of Adamawa state will look at what you are doing because one good turn deserves another. You are doing your own bit and in this hard times. You need to solidify and stand by him. What I saw here have really shown me that the people of Adamawa state are solidly behind you. 

Gov Bala minced no words
On his part, Gov Bala of Bauchi who commissioned Michika township roads thumps up Fintiri’s developmental strides and endosed his re-election in 2023 when he said.”I am highly delighted to be here at the invitation of my friend. I wouldn’t have travelled that far if I didn’t believe in Fintiri’s event. The ATM governor is an inspiration; he has come and has conquered the political environment in such a manner that I always see him with a lot of admiration. The governor of Adamawa has brought a lot of goodwill and development into politics. he is an honest man, a young man with a mission and vision.”The people of Adamawa don’t know what they have in Gov Fintiri today in Nigeria. Even in the governor’s forum, he is a reference point as everybody refers to him for honesty and sincerity. Whenever he says anything, he does it; so, I am not surprise that with all the economic doldrums and  problems APC has put us into in terms of economic planning and mal-administratuon, Fintiri is able to do this kind of urban renewal in Michika. Honestly, it is something to emulate in terms of peer assessment among us in the governor’s forum.”I have seen what he has done in Yola. The first flyover in the North-east  and I have seen the qualities of his roads projects. By virtue of my pedigree as former FCT minister,  I can see a good road and if I see it, I can smell it. This roads can last 50 years. For every challenge in life, there is an advantage. Boko Haram have devastated this town and now, you have your own son. A son more than thousand sons that have done something for you; a legacy to remember which would improve the quality of life of the people here. I believe that I don’t have to tell you. You are all politicians and growing young men and women and I know what you require is good leadership. Definitely, I know 2023 is a thing of the past you if you have somebody like Gov Fintiri.”

markets PDP
Also speaking, Gov Seyi of Oyo state eulogised Fintiri for his developmental strides describing him as a working governor.”I am happy to be here with you today for the commissioning of these projects. It is obvious that the governor is working and people are enjoying the benefits of good governance; so, let me congratulate the people of Adamawa state for making the right choice in 2019 and their readiness to continue with the choice in 2023.”From what I observed, His Excellency has been working so hard for the people of Adamawa state. In PDP, our mean business. We believe in infrastructures and development while those who can’t keep up with our work rate often go back to the other side. You know what they do in the other side? They offer excuses and shed tears and we know they will shed more tears in 2023.”

I’m proud of you – Atiku
Commissioning the flyover bridge which marked the grand finale of all the projects commissioned, former vice , Atiku  lauded Fintiris foresight for embarking on this gigantic projects despite the dwindling . He described him as a visionary leader who need the supports and encouragements of all the people of Adamawa.”On the surface, we may just be commissioning an overhead bridge or flyover; however, in my view, we are commissioning an enduring traffic management system  as well as beautification project. Henceforth, traffic would flow better with great ease and accidents would be drastically reduced, if not eliminated, but this project also has substance in beautifying our capital city.”It is to the credit of this project that Jimeta is now well known in Europe. My spirit is always uplifted and my personality high when I see government working assiduously to transform lives and changing society. I reserve my greatest respect for those elected officials who fixe time for making history. Nothing gladdens my heart than witnessing new generation of Nigerian leaders demonstrating truthful leadership and deliver quality services to generations unborn.”You can therefore imagine how happy I am when my executive governor, Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri in the face of dwindling , against competing demands, with scarce , is able to undertake this gigantic projects. History would forever remember your visionary leadership and reserve a special place for you in eternity .

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