When the protector becomes the victim

The responsibility of any government is the protection of her citizens’ lives and properties. This is done through the various law enforcement agencies and arme forces. In this regard, funding and proper care of these personnel is sacrosanct. Anything less is tantamount to failure and a jeopardy of the nation’s security. 

Over the years, Nigeria has suffered insecurity. Animals’ lives are now valued over humans. Day by day innocent people are fallen like trees, kidnapped and massacred. Call it whatever – miscreants, bandits, terrorists. All operate at will. Our security men and women suffer heavy attacks in the hands of these monsters. As usual with the Nigerian system, there will be politics in everything. The Minister of Police Affairs, Muhammad Dingyadi, claimed that bandits had been degraded and that they were just carrying out a “hit-and-run kind of tactics” . In other words, ‘soft targets ‘. It didn’t take long before he was proved wrong. 

Attacks upon attacks. The most worrisome and fearful one is the abduction of 12 senior police officers by the same bandits claimed to have been defeated. When the protector becomes the victim what hope is left for the masses? A country we call our home, we barely sleep with two eyes closed. Nowhere is guaranteed of safety. The Abuja-Kaduna road is just like a Lion’s den. Cross and die. One thing must happen. It’s either you get kidnapped or killed. Your survival is at God’s mercy. Our big men don’t experience this because they fly through the air and so it may not concern them. Hence their I don’t care and lukewarm attitude on security issues. 

The truth is that every country of the world suffer from one security challenges or the other. But our own is what we know. So many ink have been penned on this issue and so we shall continue till we achieve a safe Nigeria for all. The welfare of our men and women in the streets fighting for our protection must not be overlooked at the expense of a politician who sits in an air conditioned office doing nothing. We need adequate facilities and equipment to achieve victory. Please save the poor masses.
Adama Umar Ayuba,Abuja [email protected]

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