When those in error shout the loudest

A wise man once said “to teach you have to learn twice.”
The education sector in Kaduna State is undergoing a very difficult and dramatic rebirth. A hard and bitter pill to swallow, though. There’s so much outcry all over like Armageddon – which is ready to consume both the forces of good and evil.
The planned termination of the appointments of unqualified teachers hasn’t gone down well with all. As expected there would always be divergent views on whatever decisions taken in politics. Whenever I listen to those with the opinion that the teachers should continue despite their egregious failures, I find it inconceivable as to whether they’re just beclouded in their judgement or trying to score points politically.
There’s no easy decision in politics. Sometimes you make the right decision; sometimes you make the decision right. It takes someone with balls and utter gravitas to take a bold decision.
It’s obvious that you can’t sail effectively without a sound basis. Elementary education is core to attainment of any spectre of life. It’s something that we don’t need to compromise simply because of political repercussions.
We voted for change and of course change in whatever way comes with a price. People forget that there’s no easy remedy to problems unless you are hypocritical to what you believed in – change. If you are dissatisfied you have all rights to change the change come 2019.
Every action has a reaction, you failed the exams that you asked your wards to sit, on the course, and some are demoted or promoted perhaps because of your ineptitude. Yet you are carrying placards with inscription that examination is not a true test of knowledge. You’re a joker!
As I commend the fortitude of Malam Nasiru el-Rufa’i for flaying the trade unionists by standing firm on his reforms. I advise him to tread with and err on the side of caution because a number of people’s lives depend on it.

Mubarak Abubakar Labo
[email protected]

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