While searching for our Chibok girls

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While we are still praying and busy searching for our Chibok girls, we should not leave our rear completely exposed and unguarded. This is evidenced in the deadly bomb – attacks that rocked the cities of Kano and Jos respectively within a week when the attention of our security forces and their foreign allies were drawn and focused on the north- eastern Nigerian forests in search of the abducted girls.
Or has the Boko – Haram sold our military a dummy? Is this abduction saga a decoy that the Boko – Haram is using to strike at soft targets in the other parts of the country while the world’s attention is focused on just one geo – political zone?

We have reasons to be apprehensive for the safety of our lives because no one knows when and where the next bomb may be set to blast. This is where protection of vested interests of certain godfathers and their godsons has landed us in this nation.
Definitely, Nigeria as a nation is waging an offensive spiritual warfare now and the whole world knows it. Greed, avarice and clamour for power at all cost seem to have blurred the spiritual sights of our leaders. Even the priests of God seem to be affected too. They seem to be shying away in declaring God’s total counsel to our political leaders.

As the LORD moves the whole world to beam its searchlight on the nation with a view to help us out of our socio – economic and political quagmires, so shall God’s glory shine suddenly upon this land. And we shall soon forget our current woes. Our weeping shall soon turn to laughter.
No doubt, it is the whole nation of Nigeria that is in captivity and not just these 276 abducted Chibok girls. But God is saying that He will turn again our captivity in Nigeria. And when the LORD will eventually turn again the captivity of Zion, we shall be like them that dream. Our mouth shall be filled with laughter and our tongue with singing. The Lord will surely do great things for us in Nigeria and we shall be glad. The nation is currently sowing in tears and we shall soon reap in joy. The nation- Nigeria is going about weeping (spiritually and physically) as a result of these traumas still bearing precious seed, but we shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing in our sheaves.
Succinctly put, something glorious will surely come out of these conflicts / warfare going on in the heavenlies and in the physical on behalf of Nigeria in JESUS name.

Gbemiga Olakunle, JP
National Prayer Movement,

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