Who is responsible for the killings in Nigeria?

Nigeria as a democratic nation that has the record of promoting , unity, and progress has now become a war zone, far beyond the fiction that is being displayed in a movie. 

The insecurity resulting to the killing of many Nigerians is now becoming more alarming than ever. According to the Council for Foreign Relationship, over 37,500 Nigerians have been killed since May 2011 with the estimate of over 2.5 million displaced persons caused by the insurgency.

The security challenges have affected almost all parts of the country with the North being worse hit battling with , banditry and and other ethno-religious crises, among others. 

The insecurity in Nigeria has now got to a point where people are losing confidence not only on government and the security agencies but also on their religious leaders because there is no improvement despite all the efforts to restore in the nation. 

There has always been confusion as to who exactly is responsible for the killing of innocent citizens of this great nation. Is it the security agencies or politicians? 

No doubt the security agencies (the military, police and the paramilitaries and all other state local security agencies) are vested with the power to enforce law and order so as to maintain and good conduct in the country. 

But despite these responsibilities, it is still unclear whether the security agencies are responsible for the killing in the country or not.

Though a lot of efforts and support have been made to support the security agencies in terms of signing and approving bills for the purchase of weapons and other necessary equipment as well as providing social welfare to the personnel carrying out the task, little has been achieved in curbing insecurity. 

For instance, on January 5, 2021, Chairman Senate Committee on Army, Senator Mohammed Ali Ndume, in a press interview said the federal government has given all the expected “appropriate responses”. “In this fiscal year, the army had requested that the funds given to them, especially the vote be released to them so that they get the necessary arms and ammunition. And all that they asked for has been approved. All that they needed to get the soldiers on ground motivated has also been provided in this budget. The personnel and recurrent budgets of the armed forces, in this year’s budget, is over N500 billion. Last year, the budget was N75 billion for Operation Lafiya Dole alone. But this year, due to the complaint they made about lack of adequate funds, we budget N100 billion just for Operation Lafiya Dole alone, and it was approved and signed by Mr President.” 

Despite all the support, insecurity is becoming worse than before and even at that it unclear as to whether the security agencies are responsible for the or not, because report has shown that even the military are being killed in the fight against terrorism.

For instance, in the recent attack on military camp at Mainok, Borno state over 30 soldiers were killed, according to the Voice of Africa.

There has always been public outcry against officials of government. The public have always been lamenting on how relaxed the government has always been in handling the matters that have to do with the security situation in the country after having all the legal right and privilege for serving people and ensuring safety in the country.

Despite all the legal rights and responsibilities that the government and its officials have it is very unfortunate that the efforts in curbing the rising insecurity in the country have not been visible.

It is clear that the government has been supportive to the security agencies through the approval of bills and providing social welfare to the security sectors at all times that is needed by the securities.

Who then is responsible? Only God knows who is responsible for the rising insecurity in the country as there is no clear indication regarding who exactly is responsible for the wanton in the country.

It is, therefore, expected for every Nigerian to take responsibility and do the right thing at the right time for us to have a better Nigeria where we call home without any fear of losing anyone; a country where , unity and progress will flow in abundance.

Cephas Andrawus Amuda, 

Department of Mass Communication,

of Maiduguri

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