Whoever killed Sheikh Albani will be exposed, say students

Students of Sheikh Muhammad Auwal Adam Auwal Albani yesterday yesterday said that whoever killed Albani would be exposed.
The students also stated that they would not act a “Boko Haram drama” in issues surrounding the killing of the cleric as reported by an online media.
In a statement issued by their spokesperson, Dr. Abdulganiyu Abdulrafi’u, the students said: “Whoever killed Sheikh Albani would be exposed by the will of Almighty Allah, and the whole world would know him/her/them.
“All thanks are to Allah for allowing us to acquire both Islamic and Western education. Therefore, nobody can play with our intelligence.
“We would follow all the lawful means to ensure that the killers of Sheikh Albani are brought to book. However, if they deny us justice, as usual, Allah is there for us; He would continue to give us the strength to continue to pursue His course against the wishes of His enemies.
“Nobody among the students of Daarul Hadeethis-salafiyyah blamed Boko Haram for the assassination of Sheikh Muhammad Awwal Adam Albani. Our teacher has a register containing the names of all his students, and we couldn’t find any person by name Mohammed Lawan.
Albani had many enemies, and the only ‘sin’ that made him to amass these enemies is his uncompromised stance for Muslims to adhere to the true teachings of the Holy Qur’an and Sunna of the Prophet (pbuh) in accordance to the understanding of the scholars of the three best generations endorsed by the Prophet (pbuh).”

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