Who’ll save Bauchi?

For those who are determined to triumph, a temporary failure would not spell an end to life’s struggles but a stepping stone to succeeding and getting things right.

In the course of our daily lives, we always encounter here and there some fundamentally evolving events which require, quite obviously, extra thoughtfulness, consciousness and planning to deal with. For the way and manner in which these things are handled go a long way to determine how things eventually turn out – it does tell on our daily living and prospects.

Of course, no matter how simple or delicate an issue is, our individual approaches and idiosyncrasies towards them is what make them turn out simple or compounded. Thus, without any ambiguity, this also demonstrates the kind of strategy that one can or should adopt.

Put simply, good decisions guarantee rewarding outcomes, while wrong decisions bestow regrettable consequences.

The fact remains unblemished that we all have to agree that the 2019 election has come and gone but in Bauchi state, emerging realities, especially the ongoing legal battle, show that we truly do have a long way to go in rescuing the state from plunging into the much dreaded but likely misfortunes.

Certainly, the outcome of the governorship election herald vulnerability to the future of Bauchi state in view of the nature of the personalities that took over the mantle of leadership in the state. This will be terribly regrettable for us all as indigenes of the state.

Like the spots on leopard’s skin, the incidences of stark inefficiency – or at the very best financial imprudence – have become a recurring factor within the Bauchi state government circles. The latest being the laughable aerial fumigation carried out by the current government is one delinquency too far.

Although, good spirited indigenes of Bauchi state have stated their displeasure via many platforms, it is imperative at this point to have a consensus on what the continued administration of Mr. Bala portends for our dear state.

The recent resignation of the state Commissioner for Finance, Nura Manu Soro, has more than meets the eye and as we await him to break his silence, let’s dwell on the manifested facts.

The second misfortune was his accusation on the former administration of mismanaging N5bn on salaries and emoluments to ghost workers. Unfortunately, whereas after assuming the mantle of leadership and after claiming to have eliminated the alleged ghost workers, Gov. Bala would later claim the state’s wage bill is over N7bn; this is ridiculous and sounds chancy to the future of the state.

Although, there is the consensus that he has continued to perform woefully, the his leaning when matters of funds are at play is indeed a worrying reality that has yet to dawn widely enough.

First, it must be told and retold to all and sundry that excessive thirst for more wealth at the expense of good name is unknown, and unrelated to sustainable leadership and common good. And if there is any merit in his numerous cases with the EFCC, the person who currently occupies the number one office in Bauchi is ill-equipped in character to do so.

Unfortunately, the newspapers are abuzz with the indiscretions of Governor Bala Mohammed for preferring to work with those possessing an equally distasteful pecuniary records. The desire to populate the government house with a conglomeration of allegedly corrupt individuals cannot be in the best interest of the state. This, again, must prick our individual consciences to call a spade by its own name.

It is not as though the good people of Bauchi state are oblivious of the administrative catastrophe Bala represents, what appears to be our undoing is the levity with which the rigging machinery was handled. Of course, it was unthinkable to believe that the decency that Barrister MA Abubakar restored to the body polity could be so easily undermined and attacked. Well, a few people saw it and warned at the time.

Regrettably, only when his fictitious victory in mere five local government areas was declared to have foreclosed the gentleman Abubakar’s massive victory in the rest of the 15 local governments did it dawn on the majority that Governor Mohammed cared little for decency.

Bauchi people cannot wait to see their mandate reclaimed by them via the judiciary. They cannot wait to have Abubakar himself return to the reins of governance.

Wherever you turn in Bauchi state is a corridor of perpetual lamentations as the government has not only failed to carry on with the highly successful template on which M.A Abubakar led the state to socio-economic viability, but woefully failed to live up to its own manifesto and illusory campaign promises. The additional burden of the governor’s embarrassing droopy court cases further compounds the Bauchi people’s woes.

Verily, the experience of having one’s life presided over by leaders – so-called – in the mould of an EFCC indictee is nothing but traumatic.

It’s better for us to understand the fact that the ongoing legal battle by Abubakar and the APC to reclaim our mandate is not for their own benefits, but it’s for our own good and thriving future of our dear state. We therefore remain resolute behind his efforts and support him until he succeeds.

Gabriel writes from Bauchi

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