Why I like playing role of wicked women – Daso

Kano-born Kannywood actress Saratu Gidado popularly known as Daso hails from Kano state and joined the Hausa movie industry, Kannywood, in 2000. Her performance in Feleke a film produced by Ali Ndabawa, earned her the nickname Daso. In this interview with ALIYU ASKIRA, she speaks on her career, especially her roles as wicked women.

What is your background and how did you join Kannywood?

I joined Kannywood in 2000 and my first film was Feleke produced by Ali Ndabawa. In fact, I got my nickname Daso from the first film I featured in. After that I have also featured in other films including Wuta da Linzami, Rawani and hundreds of others that I cannot mention here. It’s been a long time.

What about your educational background?

Yes, if you noticed, producers use to feature me in films with English subtitle. I have a Diploma in Marketing from Kaduna Polytechnic. I also attended a course abroad and I taught briefly when I returned before joining Kannywood fully in 2000.

I can tell you that since then I have been active in Kannywood. Nobody will tell you today, especially those watching Hausa films in the North that they don’t know Daso.

Why do you like playing role of wicked women?

Honestly speaking, since the role I played in my first film as a wicked woman, producers no longer give me any other roles than that of a wicked mother, a wicked mother-in-law, or wicked wife.

If you give me a romantic role, or role that I will be gentle, honestly it will not fit me. It’s just like any role other than thug or criminal-minded people will not fit Tijjani Asase or Shuaibu Lawan Kumurci. So, producers know what roles to give a particular artist, and I am happy playing these roles because I do them perfectly well.

… Are you wicked in real life?

Far from that, in fact, somebody asked me today in keke NAPEP if I am the Daso they used to watch in Hausa film because they saw me looking innocent. I told them Daso they watch in film is different from Daso in real life. I am not wicked.

What is your advice to new members of Kannywood?

I will advise new members of Kannywood, especially ladies, that during our time we didn’t take drugs or alcohol. These days, respect has reduced and there are also of drug abuse and alcohol which is affecting all of us.

So, let them fear God and know that society is watching us.

You are also into NGO activities. What exactly do you do?

Yes, I help the needy and orphans during festivities with food and clothes, but to do it at larger scale I set up my own NGO, Daso International, and from time to time, I have announcements on the radio to call for donations from well-meaning individuals and people donate. We then go to villages and visit people’s house to house to give them food and clothing.

This is one aspect of my life that I am happy about. People are accusing us of using this to enrich ourselves but God knows what we are doing.