Why I ventured into film production – Hauwa S. Garba

Hauwa S. Garba, otherwise known as Mama among her fans in Kannywood, is an active member of the Kano-based Hausa Film Industry. After proving herself as a successful actress, Hauwa established her own film production outfit and so far she has produced two successful films – Babban Dalili and Al’ajabi. She told ALIYU ASKIRA in this brief interview that the third one will soon be released. According to her, it will be her best, and urges her fans and viewers to watch out for it. Hauwa further spoke on the declining business in Kannywood, why she is into film production and why actors and actresses are diversifying their businesses by engaging in other ventures like modelling, restaurant business, film production, buying and selling, politics and even contracts.

At a time that you were almost reaching your peak in acting, you decided to venture into film production; what is your reason for that?

It is called diversification, meaning one cannot concentrate on one business all the time, especially now that the economy generally is weak, coupled with poor marketing and other logistics. So, I have decided to set up my own production company and so far I have produced three films, Babban Dalili, Al’ajabi, and the third one which will soon be out for sale.

Most of you in Kannywood, especially the female ones, venture into restaurant or salon business when you are not acting or producing films; why not other ventures?

Well, you are partially correct, but I can tell you that there are some of us who are successful in other endeavours including politics. Some are contractors, some are into photography, some into tourism, but mostly, the women prefer businesses that will not take them away from their families; so, they engage in modelling, media commercials, restaurant business or boutiques.

After producing three films, can you now look back and tell us the challenges you encountered along the way, coming this far?

Well, even a new born baby faces the challenges of crawling, later, walking and finally to have the ability to run. I am a mature member of this industry and as such, there are some things one doesn’t need to lament over on the pages of newspapers. But generally, Hauwa Garba is one actress that is so lucky that she did not face most challenges that others usually face before making it as a celebrity. Mostly, what an actress hates is when you come to a location only for the director or producer to tell you that you have been replaced by another actress. It’s very painful; that is why some of us decided to be producers so that we can also choose those to feature in our films; but generally, we work as a team and there is nothing like frustration or blackmail – we are brothers and sisters.

Finally, do you intend to settle down soon?

Well, you know that is a difficult question because even if you fix a date for your wedding, except the wedding fatiha takes place, you will still be in a state of doubt because only God knows those that may be wishing that the wedding should develop problems. But all in all, I will humbly be happy if I settle down and have my own children – that’s the ultimate ambition of any grown-up and responsible lady.

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